Apr 25 2010 12:50 am

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If there’s anything that I’ve learned in this class, it’s that education is the key to our survival. From global warming, to deforestation and water pollution, I don’t think it’s a matter of whether or not people care — it’s simply a matter of whether or not they know. Until watching the ‘Tapped’ documentary, I had no idea the effects plastic water bottles had on the environment, our economy, small towns, small businesses, and our health. Since seeing the documentary, I plan on never drinking out of another plastic water bottle again.

California in particular has a huge water problem! And despite many attempts by the media, governor and legislators, there are still many individuals in California that do not understand how dire the water situation is. California is highy populated, and is continuing to grow at an unsustainable rate — in comparision, the state wide water-storage program has not been improved for the past 30 years. The water reserves are also extremely low, and are not able to sustain the growing population or meet the growing demand; 2007 was ranked as a record-dry year in some regions.

In order to help control this problem, mandatory water regulatin polices should be imposed throughout California. California also relies heavily on agriculture as a means of income, and rather than continuing to grow crops which require unsustainable amounts of water, farmers should switch to crops more suited for the hot, dry environment. Caps on water useage would also be an effect way to control water consumption, so that if businesses or homes consume more than their alotted amount of water, they will be forced to pay a fine. The most important aspect of this problem however, as mentioned above, is education! With general awareness and education, big businesses as well as individual citizens will hopefully be more encouraged to significantly decrease their water consumption.

Because water is so wasily attainable, I feel like people take it for granted. When you turn on your sink a washing machine, you don’t really think about where that water is coming from. However, with (hopefully) new legislation in California, this will not only help to mobilize individuals in California, but in the entire nation. It will force people to conserve water, and it will force people to see water as the non-renewable resource it actually is. Water is our most precious resource on this planet, and we need to start taking better care of it!

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  1. Dr. Szulczewski on 28 Apr 2010 at 2:56 pm #

    What excellent information tying this documentary to current actions!