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“Business Is The Source Of All Pollution”

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The quote, “business is the source of all pollution” from the documentary Food Inc., had significant impact on the way that I now view businesses, and their overall contributions to global environmental problems. Since civilizations began to transistion from nomadic lifestyles into domesticated agricultural lifestyles, economics has been the foundation for a successful life. After studying examples, such as Easter Island, Haiti and the Incas it is clear that we are neither learning from our past mistakes, nor making efforts to improve. Rather, in my opinion, I believe big buisness has essentially taken over. These corporations are non-governmental, yet they have significant power in the United States Congress through Congressmen with clear ties. It really was unblelievable to me that these businesses had so much power! For example,  I thought it was really ridiculous when the farmer being filmed in the Food Inc. documentary had to be darkened so he was unrecognizable. Farming and agriculure is one of our countries oldest practices — and to be at a point where simple farmers are being forced by big name corporations (Monsanto) to give up their life practices is very strange to me.

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I think that there should be a balance between economic gains, and environmental concerns. Right now, all the evidence shows is that we are a society driven by economics and that the consumer wants as much as an item possible, for the lowest price. Therefore, producers have found ways to provide consumers with economically efficient goods at extremely low prices to the consumer. However, environmental costs are hardly ever considered in this process. Extraction and manufacturing methods in almost all cases are horrible for the environment, and none of this economic gain is going towards the clean-up process. Even though the documentary Food Inc. was focusing specifically on agriculture, I related it to businesses in general because I believe big business is one of our greatest global environmental problems. However, until the consumer stops buying these low-cost goods or the raw materials run out, the producer is going to keep supplying without any regard to the environment. Futhermore, in my opinion, I believe that economists should be held accountable for their theories delieved. When economic theories are presented, the means and methods to which these goals are to be accomplished are completely ignored. This can lead to unrealistically priced goods and services for the genral public, which can thereby lead to higher demands of unsustainable products and practices. Therefore, the Earth’s current standing should be taken into consideration when creating these economic models, so that we can not only maintain a healthy economy, but a healthy environment.

This is just a simple video I found, but I thought it encomassed all that I’m saying! Also liked the background song :)

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  1. Dr. Szulczewski on 08 Apr 2010 at 2:11 pm #

    Keep in mind that economics is the way to save the environment. It worked for the ozone layer. Corporations see that being green makes money- we just have to make sure they really are being green before we give them our dollars!